The Final Expedition

Please play before reading.

Scroll very slowly.

Let’s begin.

Where the hell are we?

looks around

Do you hear that? It sounds like drums.


Look, I have no idea where we are, let’s just follow the sound.

starts running

Let’s go down this stream. I think it’s coming from that direction.

There is something seriously weird going on.

enters a swampy, thickly wooded area

GOD DAMMIT. What the fuck is going on? We gotta get out of here. Let’s just keep following the drums.

the woods begin to clear

Keep moving! I think I see a clearing.

the area opens up into a giant, mountainous expanse

Jesus christ… I’m… so… tired… we have to keep… moving.

night falls; we stumble upon a grove, from where the sound is coming from

What… what is ha-happening…

our knees slowly buckle and we fall to the ground; we look towards the sky

That sound. That beautiful, beautiful sound.

we lie in awe and horror as time begins to accelerate


we close our eyes; the music consumes us


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