Bedroom Symphony

“beats made in my bedroom,” reads the description of short stories by nymano. Man, to think this came from a dude just fuckin around in his room? For real?

So this album is a collection of hip-hop instrumentals and, yes, I know, I kinda already reviewed something like that with that Evee record. But this shit is something else.

To think that such immersive, atmospheric, well-rounded beats were made in a dude’s bedroom is weird for me. The bedroom is a place where you can retreat, recharge, and recollect. What happens in the bedroom, stays there. It’s a private place.

But this album opens that up. No longer is the bedroom a sacred place. When you listen to this thing, it’s as if you’re in his room with him. And from the sound of it, his room leads to a wormhole of mellow vibes and soul samples.

Listener be warned, however. This is one of those albums where if you start listening, you won’t want to stop. Do yourself a favor and set aside 40 minutes.

Go see what I mean:


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