Subtle Beauty

The description for Unexpected reads as follows:

Here’s my new EP called unexpected
I already had chosen the title
but unfortunately my dad died unexpected
so this is for you dad, I hope you found peace
I love you
Well, shit. That’s one way to set the tone.
But this description really brings out what’s hiding in these tracks. Yea, you can easily describe them with the title of this post, but after seeing those five little lines of text, I was able to pinpoint what’s really going on: a painfully sad sense of innocence.
giphy (2).gif

Here’s a slightly deep, slightly sad gif to complement the depressing nature of this slightly deep, slightly sad post.

It’s really weird, but this body of music sounds like it’s self-aware. It knows it’s simple. It knows it’s rather unassuming. It knows it’s, well, innocent. And the music isn’t too thrilled about this, but at the same time, it can’t do anything about it. So it just wallows in this simplicity, chugging along with melancholic bleeps and bloops.

I don’t know much about this artist. Honestly, I don’t want to go digging. I don’t really care. Her music speaks enough for me. It’s more of an identity that I could ever possibly find.

All we’re left with is this on her bandcamp page.
Likely a young woman trying to find her way throughout this strange, strange life. Kind of like the rest of us.
But enough with this sappy shit! Just give it a listen.

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