Totally Modular, Dude!


Listen up.

I found something pretty cool.

So, in my normal fashion, I was perusing the Bandcamp whilst furiously opening interesting-looking albums in new tabs. After I accumulated around ten, I proceeded to get to work.

Now, my methodology for curating this blog is crude as all hell. I choose a genre that I’m in the mood for and, within that genre, I choose the album covers that speak to me.


Essentially me going through this exact process.

Once I do that, I listen to the first track of each. If it doesn’t grab me, I move on. Don’t worry, unless the song is straight-up bad, I give it a minute or two to breathe. I’m not blazing through these things; listening to the first track for ten seconds or so.

But still, I admit, my method is crude.

It’s crude because it’s fast and a bit careless. But, honestly, it’s more fun that way. Besides, it’d simply be too laborious to dive into everything that looked interesting. However, this way, I’m getting little bite-sized previews on a vast array of music.

During this week’s hunt, I did the normal shit.

Opened a metric fuck-ton of tabs (but, actually, around ten; I love hyperbole) and began my listening. I didn’t even make it a quarter through.

I was stopped in my tracks.


Indeed, the hypothetical pair of glasses were slowly and dramatically removed for this one.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the album that made me slow down (very rare) and just… think (even rarer).

Modular is the culmination of three very talented musicians working together: Dan Phelps, Matt Chamberlain, and Viktor Krauss. I guess Matt does drums, Viktor does bass, and Dan does almost everything else? I don’t know, you shouldn’t come to this blog for specifics.

What I do know is that this album is a sonic masterpiece. Yes, that’s right, m a s t e r p i e c e.

Every sound on here is so purposeful. Every detail has insurmountable depth. I mean, just LISTEN to that intro track. The sweeping, swelling instrumentation could move a man to tears.


I said TEARS, people.

There isn’t much else to say here so I’ll let the music do the talking.


~ The Boss


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